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  • 2004 Monte Carlo SS supercharged

      Oddly enough, I've gotten more compliments over a simple brake job than anything else I've done.  Car is stock other than the drilled and slotted rotors and powder coated calipers.  

    2002 SVT Focus

     Unlike the Monte, this one has some mods. Coil overs, cold air intake, magna flow exhaust, plasti dipped wheels, drilled/slotted rotors, roof has some type of coating on it, wrapped header? (not sure why, but it's wrapped), and a stubby antenna that doesn't work for shit. So far I've changed out the lug nuts, adjusted some body panels, adjusted the shift cable, and played around with the shitty idle. Swapped out the PCV valve and fixed a leak in the intake. It idles better but still not where it should be.